AWS infraestructure

Host your Magento e-commerce on the AWS infrastructure.

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Complete AWS infrastructure for your Magento e-commerce.


We use multiple caching layers to “do more with less” and speed up your e-commerce requests.


A practical and scalable architecture capable to grow and shrink according to the e-commerce access flows.


The environment is architected with built-in security tools to keep the whole structure safe.


Using AWS for your Magento, you don't need anymore to rent servers and keep large and rigid infrastructures. You will pay only what you need/use.


We perform detailed monitoring of applications and the server and service AWS environment AWS.


The architecture is designed with multiple availability zones to ensure your e-commerce never stops.

Customized architecture

Our managed Magento service on AWS involves a customized and optimized architecture, implantation and support.

We combine AWS's advanced tools with Trezo's expertise in structuring and supporting Magento projects.

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Magento Partner

We are official Magento partners

Trezo is proud to say that it is certified and an official partner of Magento, which is a leader in providing cloud e-commerce to B2C and B2B markets.