Digital Marketing

Digital performance to your e-commerce to expand and sell.

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We are committed in boosting the real business growth, from the planning to the execution and analysis.


Channel planning, campaign development and e-mail strategies integrate all our marketing efforts.


Our team has a lot of experience in paid search management, social media management, retargeting, e-mail campaign and SEO.

Tests & Optimization

The sales funnel analysis, A/B testing and the conversion rate optimization are critical elements of all our marketing commitments in progress.

Continuous refinement

Channel audits, projections and continuous refinement of key performance indicators are central components of our marketing practice.

Digital marketing to grow up

Our services are follow of sales strategies and improvement to your business utilize the most of the digital marketing results.

Customer attraction

Reach more people

We chose your audience, based in demographic profile, behavior or contact information.

Get more conversion

Right people in the right moment

Make your products found at the moment that people are looking for it.

Continuous optimization

Global and segmented advertisements

Our team will make frequent optimizations in your campaigns to improve your results.

Custom campaigns

We build campaigns with the best strategies and the last innovations to your business.


Our reports show you how your advertising contributed to your business, with a visually and easily read.

Quality support

Our team is ready to listen to you and answer your question about your campaign.

Magento Partner

We are official Magento partners

Trezo is proud to say that it is certified and an official partner of Magento, which is a leader in providing cloud e-commerce to B2C and B2B markets.